Making art part of your everyday!

What is a ShalkBoard™?

A ShalkBoard© is a specially designed original acrylic painting. Each ShalkBoard uses a patented process which allows chalk to adhere to the surface of the painting without damaging the painting itself. 

The ways to use a ShalkBoard© are limitless. Everything from a familiar quotation, a holiday wish, a grocery list, a dinner menu, a to do list, a reminder, welcoming guests, a party game, anything you can imagine!

ShalkBoards© can last for several years of daily use. They are non toxic and environmentally friendly. A Shalkboard© is intended for daily use. No special chalk or eraser is required. Simply draw your idea and erase. It’s that easy!

Every ShalkBoard© is a numbered original abstract painting, hand painted by Eileen Shalk.  Your satisfaction is our goal, 100% money back if the ShalkBoard© doesn’t meet your expectations. 

About the Artist.

Eileen Shalk has been painting and teaching art for over 20 years. She believes that art is an expression of our individuality and spirit. Eileen is committed to the idea that every person is an artist who needs a way to express their unique gifts. ShalkBoard© is her latest tool to fulfill that commitment. ShalkBoards© introduce quality pieces of art into our daily lives. 

When Eileen isn’t in her studio painting, she can be found bicycling, traveling  and hiking. She lives in Northern California with her husband Tim, and their dog, Tucker. She enjoys any time she can spend with her three grown children.

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